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Individuals with visual apperceptive agnosia are unable to group parts into wholes. In this artwork, I have illustrated a meadow scene in which the parts of the flowers are disconnected. It is my representation of how those with visual apperceptive agnosia view the world. While those with agnosia are unable to see the meadow in its entirety, those who do not suffer from agnosia see the meadow as a whole, almost automatically. While we can group the flower petals together to form a “flower”, they see the petals and centers but not process them together.  It is a reminder that even the most basic, yet important, abilities of the brain may be glossed over.

bamboo practice!

Practiced lineless painting… it’s SO HARD as;dlfkdsjf;osf

Anywho this is a facebook cover photo for the ballroom team I’m part of!
Hooray for class tmrw!

: i i loove your wooork! please update soon >w<

AHHH I’m so sorry!!! T^T

I actually lost my connector cord for my tablet…so I can’t draw anything at the moment

snorlax using trackpad -my thumb is dead x_x

Taking a hiatus due to GISHWHES! I’ll be back after this week of chaos…x_x

: Could i see Nepeta in your style? :3

Yesss!!! :3 I’ve never drawn Nepeta before actually!

just think about it…

I drew a tiger :3